5 Bag Essentials for Mums on the Go

If you're a mum on the go, you know how important it is to have a bag that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re on your hot mum walk, day out with your kids or heading to the shops, it's important to be prepared for anything your little crotch goblins might throw at you. Below we've listed 5 absolute essentials for your nappy bag and something which will change the way you go out with kids forever. 

 Snacks. All of them...

There is nothing quite like a snack to calm your little one or tide them over between meltdowns on long car rides. Since having my second boy I now pack copious amounts of food because, 1: he's a hungry boy, and 2 he needs to be distracted 100% of the time for us all to arrive at our destination with some sanity intact. I also like to keep a couple of lollipops on hand in case of emergencies (IYKYK).


 A change of clothes for BOTH of you.

 To be honest, I am still learning this one myself! The number of times my little grubs have become dirty from playing and I still have to go to the shops is ridiculous. I find myself saying " I swear they were clean this morning!". Even just a spare shirt for both of you does the trick as more often than not that's where we BOTH end up grubby (thanks little people hands).


 Nappies, wipes, sunscreen and Panadol (for kids and adults).

 This seems like a no brainer but the number of times I've just 'run to the shop' with my little one and haven't brought these items....at the bare minimum bring the wipes because once again, kids are grubby.

I've been caught feeling like a bad mum because I was the only one that didn't bring sunscreen. Plans change, weather changes and we at least want to look like we are trying to mum properly, right?

Don't forget the Panadol either. There is nothing worse when you’re out and about and your little ones get teething pains, and you have nothing on hand. I also like to carry Panadol myself now as I seem to constantly have a headache (not sure why...)


 Extra dummies (if you use them) or your little ones calming toy, we love our Riff Raff!

Every mum knows the drill. You're out and about, enjoying a much-needed break from the house, when suddenly, your little one starts to get upset. What do you do? If you're like me, your start blindly scrambling for the dummy on the car floor, between the seats and usually to no avail. After 3 years and two toddlers, I now make it a purpose to have DUMMIES EVERYWHERE and ALWAYS take their raffs for unexpected meltdowns.


 The Gamechanger.

Yes, bring drink bottles for your babies but you need to stay hydrated too. Throw one of our carry all drink bottles in and you will be set. Often if I'm lazy or doing a quick trip my boys will drink out of mine.

Now why do you need a drink bottle with a bag when you've packed a nappy bag? For those hot mum walks or those quick trips in and out of the supermarket. Slide your phone in, a dummy, your card, even a snack to keep the happy while you grab your shopping and throw the bottle over your shoulder.

Thanks to one of our amazing customers, it turns out they fit perfectly on pram straps too!


Point of the story is, Motherhood is mental, stay prepared (and hydrated!).